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I love subscription boxes! Who doesn’t, right? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so wildly popular.

So, when I heard about a romance subscription box that arrived monthly, it seemed like a great way to continue bonding in our relationship and would actually help ensure that we took time out as a couple. Having a toddler, this seemed a brilliant plan. We could have a date at home that was a break from our routine without having to find a sitter.

The boxes are also easy to pause if you don’t want the box for a particular month or two. Here’s the link if you already want to try them!

With each box, you get complete instructions to create your date, including a shopping list for food, dinner menu and recipes, music, tips for creating the mood of the date, and materials needed to complete your event including activities and instructions. They also include movie suggestions to enhance the experience and additional activities to lengthen or expand the date.

You can also opt into the “faith option” that provides materials for discussion to deepen your Christian walk together for a small additional fee. They also offer kids boxes.

This one was our first box and was the one released in February 2019. Now, I want to first put it out there that some of the Night In Boxes are available to buy after their subscription period. Basically, you can log in and still buy the box. Reading on is going to show you the contents, so if you’d rather be surprised you have now been forewarned.

We loved this box. We rated it 5/5.

When I first opened it, here is what I found (list under the picture as there was slightly more than what you see here).

There was a lot of paper and two crepes, along with a little container of Aromabeads.

I’m super picky about scents and the whole box didn’t seem like much to start with at first glance. However, I decided to play along and see how it went. On date night, I set the Aromabeads out on the table and my husband queued up the music through the speaker on our Alexa so she would play quietly in the background. We pulled up the menu and made it together in the kitchen and our date night began.

The dinner menu for the night was Blackberry and Mint Infused Water, Spaghetti Squash Dadio e Pepe,French Green Beans and Frozen Chocolate Bananas. My husband is not a fan of squash, so we used an earlier recipe for Turkey Brie and Cranberry Pesto Phyllo Wraps instead of the squash. All of the previous recipes are available to you, so if you don’t like the one in your kit, you can choose a different one or just use one of your favorites.

It turned out the Aromabeads were quite pleasant, even though I tend to be really picky about scents (not gonna lie, I don’t like many perfumes). Turns out that I actually liked this fresh linen scent quite a bit. It was a nice, subtle background scent that was different from our usual scents. I didn’t get an actual picture of ours, but here is what they looked like and the cup was about palm-sized.

Our first task was to take the “Love Language Quiz”

The quiz helps you learn about how your partner likes to communicate love. I LOVED this exercise. This communication point alone was worth the box. My husband and I spend a lot of time communicating – we both spend nearly all day every day together. We talk about anything and everything. But this quiz opened up something I hadn’t really thought about. It was definitely a tool to enrich our relationship.

Our next task was to write each other a love letter. The booklet gives you ideas by asking questions for you to fill out in your letter. They were questions like “In the coming years, I hope too…” and “My most cherished memory with you is …”

Next, we went on the “Key to My Heart Love Adventure” which mentally transports you back in time to 1919 France. It’s sort of like a mini escape room theme. You are given a storyline, then you are given 5 clues to solve in order to rendezvous with your love (which you solve together). It was a lot of fun. We nibbled on our crepes during this part. There was a chocolate one and a strawberry one and they were by Jacquet Bakers.

Finally, we had a little deck of cards for the “Parisian Password Game” where you give each other hints about a word while the other guesses what the word is.

Needless to say, we both had a wonderful time and continued our subscription.

If you’re interested in trying the boxes, here is the link to try the experience for yourself!

Our next box was Throwback



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