Review: Sago Mini Box – Robot Party

It’s come to my realization that our Sago Mini Boxes are random. I thought they were sent out in order of some sort, but I guess they don’t. That’s OK! All the boxes are pretty awesome!

This month’s box was Robot Party. It’s a little bit different than previous boxes, which you’ll soon see.

One of the highlights of every box is the “action figure” toy. For this month we have…

Hugbot of course!

This time, instead of envelopes, we have cute little crates!

Dr. Harvey sends us our first box full of robot parts. This was a really fun activity and the puzzle pieces are really sturdy, so we’ve been able to get quite a bit of play out of them even after box day.

The robots have super cute themes and all the parts are mix and match.

Our next “crate” came from Hugbot himself. It’s a robot costume for one of our plushes! (Plush not included).

The helmet was too small for our favorite bear, Duffy. It didn’t fit our Sago Mini plush Jinja either. After a little digging, we found a rainbow frog that worked just fine.

Our final crate was from Jinja (one of our favorite characters). As usual, this final project involved converting the shipping box.

The gears were two-sided so at first we made the dancing robot.

Then we made our own robot with our favorite gears.

That’s it for this one!

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Let me know what you think of the box!

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