DIY Maileg Mouse Pants

So, the next thing was, the mice needed pants. Daddy Mouse was the first up for being clothed, so he was the first experiment.

I’d purchased a pattern on Etsy for pants, but when I cut them out and attached the pieces, they were enormous, so I had to cut them way down to size. They were useful though, because it showed me the rough shape that I needed to cut the pants. Something like this:

See how the pants have a wider spot for the butt?

Ok so anyone who is an actual seamstress at this point probably thinks I’m ridiculous (haha) but I never claimed to be a pro at this. Really, it’s more if I can do it, you can.

I was upcycling a leg from a pair of jeans that I cut off. So, to make it have that authentic jean look, the folded part I cut on the actual decorative seam on the jeans. Like this:

Then pin it all together for hand sewing:

Remember, this is just for pretend play so it doesn’t have to be perfect or overly sturdy (I found myself worrying about this). It’s not like the little guys are moving around on their own putting wear and tear on the seams.

I didn’t seam the hem at the bottom of the legs, just the inseam and the crotch area of the pants.

Then, I used kitchen thread to make a tie at the waist.

In sewing the back seam don’t forget to leave a hole for the tail!

I didn’t do anything special there, just made a wider stitch so it left a hole for his tail to go through.

I pinned around the top of the pants with the waist tie already tucked into the fold.

And then the drawstring was done!

Daddy mouse was ready to go!

I repeated the process for the pants and shirt for Little Brother Mouse, so they match.


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