WW 32 Ways to Use Laughing Cow Light

I learned about Laughing Cow Light when I started following Hungry Girl and buying her books.  

I discovered her in early 2009 shortly after the book was published when I ran across it at Barnes and Noble, long before “socials” were a thing. I quickly became a huge fan! I’m not associated with her in any way, but I do adore her knowledge and highly encourage others to check out the brilliant ways she can help you manage your weight. She’s done a lot of great work!

The product works as a snack, but shines as a spread. Think of subs for butter and mayo and only costs 1 WW point. Here are some ways that my friends and I have used Laughing Cow Light:

  • On toast (I love this so much)
  • Make jalapeno poppers by stuffing with a little LCL and sprinkling with crumbled bacon
  • Low point crackers like wheat thins or triscuits
  • On/in eggs
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • On a light bagel sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning
  • A spread for wraps and sandwichs
  • In soup to make it creamy and a little more flavor than nonfat yogurt does
  • Melted with pasta water and spices as a pasta sauce.
  • Canned chicken, buffalo sauce, and ranch seasoning to make a 1pt buffalo dip
  • In burritos
  • On an English muffin with a little sugar free jam or berries
  • Crackers topped with cucumbers or deli meat
  • Spread onto apples
  • Stuffed into mini sweet peppers
  • Instead of mayo in deviled eggs
  • On top grilled steak
  • On burgers
  • Melted on vegetables
  • Spread on tortilla and rolled up
  • Melted in/on pasta
  • On celery
  • With wine
  • In creamed cauliflower
  • Take it to a restaurant with you to use as a spread instead of butter on potatoes and toast, etc
  • Spread on a rice cake
  • On avocado toast
  • Mixed with salsa as a dip or a spread with chicken and beans on a wrap
  • In mashed potatoes or on a baked potato
  • Melted into a bag of steamed corn
  • Spread on ham or turkey with a dill pickle or scallion in the middle, then roll up!
  • Lightened Up Veggie Dip – 8 Garlic & Herb laughing cow wedges (softened), 1oz Dry Ranch dressing mix, 1/2 cup light or fat free sour cream, and 1/2 cup non fat greek yogurt
    Let me know if you come up with other great ways to use the product you’d like to share!

And don’t forget to check out Hungry Girl. You should be able to search her site for more great ideas!




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