WW 1 Point Miracle Muffins

These are so yummy and so versatile and healthy and probably the easiest muffins that you will ever make!

But, let’s start by saying these are “not” crumbling, flaky muffins like you get at Starbucks (which are loaded with fat and sugar). They are, however, a pretty good facsimile of a muffin and won’t cost your entire days points to make them.

This makes 6 muffins. I usually double the recipe because I have two for breakfast every morning. They do freeze well. They do not keep for more than about 4-5 days.


1/2 cup Kodiak protein waffle/pancake mix

2 eggs

2 mashed bananas

I sometimes also add a scoop or two of collagen powder. This does change the texture to a bit fluffier muffin.


Mix together and place in 6 standard lined muffin cups.

Bake at 350 degrees for 22 minutes.

Want to have some fun? Visit My WW Muffin Variation Experiments for inspiration! The muffins pictured are from that set and have no added points!

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