The Mysterious Mist Cat Cocktail Recipe

The Mysterious Mist (or Ghost if you prefer) Cat Cocktail is a fun little cocktail that’s great whenever you want a magical little drink to tickle yourself or your friends. It’s yummy too! I imagine it for Halloween, merry D&D adventures, or a Harry Potter party.

Please note that you can make this a mocktail too – just brew the peaflowers in plain hot water for 5 minutes instead of using the tequila. The mix is alcohol-free. You can also use sparkling water instead of plain water if you want a little extra pop in the  part under “to make the drink.”


Cat Ice Cube Tray

Beverage Glasses

Tequila (or sparkling water)


Margaritaville Mix

You will need to first make the cubes in the cat ice cube tray. You can freeze water or coconut milk, though if you use true coconut milk then the consistency of the coconut can make the water milky and the cat hard to see so the effect won’t last as long.

Once your little cats are frozen, set them in the bottom of a whiskey glass, stemless wine glass, mason jar, or other drinking vessel of your choice with just a little water in the bottom, so the cat freezes to the bottom. If you skip this step, the cat floats and you won’t get the effect.

While the cat freezes his butt to the bottom of the glass, pour one shot of tequila in a small jar for each drink you’ll be making. Add 4-5 dried pea flowers per shot. Let these sit for 2 hours to overnight. If you are making the mocktail, then just use plain hot water to brew the flowers for at least 5 minutes, but no longer than 20 minutes.

To make the drink, pour the lovely indigo-colored tequila into the glass with the cat frozen to the bottom. Fill the remaining space with water so that the cat is completely submerged. For the mocktail, add more water or sparkling water. Stir with a narrow drink stir taking care not to disturb the cat. I like to use these wooden stirs, because they are better for the environment and I think they look nicer than plastic.

Now for the magic! Pour half of the Margaritaville drink mix packet into a spoon and gently pour that portion into each glass. The indigo blue will turn pink as it swirls into the mixture. Stir well before drinking.

Here is a printout card you can screenshot or print. Enjoy!

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