Baby and Toddler Recipes

  • Is a Baby Food Maker Worth It? Pros and Cons

    If you’re like me, you know that you can save money making your own baby food. But, you ask yourself if you will really use it. I spent a lot of time debating on whether or not to get a…

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  • Puffy Party Mix Recipe for Infants – Candy Alternative

    This was born when I was trying to find a good alternative for candy in my 9 month old’s Christmas stocking.  It works great for parties, Easter basket stuffers, and other occasions where you want your little one to be…

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  • Toddler Finger Foods: Banana Bites

    I had saved this recipe because I really liked the idea long before I had a toddler. It came from which since seems to have gone down. In the meantime, I thought I’d share her recipe so it didn’t get…

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