Puffy Party Mix Recipe for Infants – Candy Alternative

This was born when I was trying to find a good alternative for candy in my 9 month old’s Christmas stocking.  It works great for parties, Easter basket stuffers, and other occasions where you want your little one to be able to celebrate even though they can’t eat what the big kids do.

The colors, textures, and tastes provide a lot of interest to baby, as well as a wonderful treat that’s healthy too!

Feel free to modify with your favorites!

Our Recipe:

If you’ve tasted the puffs at all, you know that even though they are bland, each one has a distinctive taste. To your baby’s blooming taste buds, I’m sure they are amazingly different. I know our little guy definitely has his favorites.


You can just make the mix and stick it in a cute, decorative container if you’re giving as a gift. It would be particularly cute if you’re making a gift basket for a family and want something special for a new little one.

If the gift is for baby himself (like in a stocking), my favorite way to present it is in a useful container that’s colorful and interesting, like this Skip Hop Snack Owl. It comes in different designs including a bumble bee, unicorn, and more.

These are safe for most little ones and they come in bright, cheerful colors. If you don’t like this design, there are some really cute ones by Munchkin and other brands.

Happy snacking!

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