About Christari

Hi there!

I’m Christari.

I’m a very blessed wife and mommy of a preemie. I became a first-time mom when I was over the age of 40 and absolutely love being a mom.

I love homey, cozy things, making stuff, painting, and traveling and I have a fascination with buttons and acorns.

I try to share everything that I can that inspires and brings joy and hope. My aspiration is to be part of the “salt of the earth, light of the world.”

I love Jesus and I believe that we should be good to one another regardless of how someone else believes. God has been very good to me!

I grew up on a horse and cattle farm surrounded by forest way out in the country of Michigan, so “nature stuff” and animals are close to my heart.

At the “fancy” point in my life, I was an international corporate training manager and I enjoyed the travel, but it never felt like me.

Now I’m living the life I always dreamed of in a little country subdivision on my own little piece of land. Every day, I hang out with my Bug and hubby, do mom and wifey stuff, voice acting, write blog posts, and do art.

Please interact on the posts, because I really do love hearing your stories, thoughts, and experiences!

I hope that in some way and I help you and encourage you to let your light shine!

Voice Acting and Art Orders:

If you’re here for voice acting work, I am usually available to do some projects and I have an Etsy page here. I recently added voice acting to that page, so feel free to order there. You can also reach out to me on Facebook to discuss your request if you like.

I’ve worked on Fiver since 2014 and have done thousands of projects. Of those that reviewed, I’ve gotten hundreds of 5-star ratings, which you can read for yourself.



Free Designs and Educational Stuff: All of my free designs on the site are free to use, just please don’t resell the design itself or claim authorship of it. More details are here. I have more coming soon to my Etsy store along with voice acting service, and fun finds!

NICU Baby Books:

For physical redistribution only. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE DIGITAL COPIES. 

Content and Layout by www.curiousandcozy.com

Character Graphics by Mycutelobsterdesigns (find them on Etsy)

You may link to the Baby Book page and you may print off multiple copies for distribution in your local NICU.

Copyrighted and all rights reserved by the individual parties. Not for resale. This is a gift for NICU babies and their families and should be used in whole format as presented. NOT to be reconfigured, disassembled, remade or rebranded. DO NOT digitally redistribute. Available through www.curiousandcozy.com and Etsy ONLY. Please be respectful and abide by the artists’ wishes. 


Affiliate Disclosure: While I am not directly compensated for articles, I do participate in Google Ads, Amazon Affiliates programs, and occasional others which are advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising. I give honest reviews and opinions about the items that I share and only recommend items that I’m happy with. If I am offered products for free to review, I disclose that in the article. Many of my links have no compensation whatsoever, I just want to share a great product, page, location, or information about something.


Please note, you should never see advertising on the Audio Bible pages. If you do, please contact me so that I can make sure they are removed. 

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