Make Your Own Momrath DIY

“Welcome, friends, to the Wonderland Emporium, are you here for a treat? For we have no tricks here!”

This year, for Halloween we are staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground. I debated long on this, because Florida is HOT in October. I come from the land of the ice and snow, so my body craves those trips to Vermont in the fall to see beautiful color and have those hygge cold nights.

But, we’d landed one of the hard-to-get reservations, so to Disney we would go now that Bug is old enough to remember it. My theme for our campsite started with a quest to find an inflatable Cheshire Cat that was released by Gemmy. I’m a huge fan of Cheshire Cat (I call the crescent moon a “Cheshire moon” because it looks like a Cheshire cat smile to me).

Anyway, I had my cat and decided to build the theme around him. Rather than go traditional, I wanted something a little different, so I invented the Wonderland Emporium. I’ll tell you more on that later, but since the Emporium is located in Tulgey Wood, I decided we needed some Mome raths.

I instantly knew how I’d make them. I’ve searched and found patterns using pens and popsicle sticks which are really cute, but none like these. So, I had to share them with you so that you could enjoy the Mome raths.

These are poseable and sturdy. My six year old has been playing with one for over a week and it hasn’t fallen apart yet. They are wonderful decorations or party favors.


You will need:

Pop Tubes (I used these. I weeded through a bunch before I found ones that looked exactly right)

Google Eyes (I like these multiples because it creates a lot of options)

Long-stapled Faux Fur

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (mine uses .44)



I used my hot glue gun on high.

Glue two of the pop tubes together at the top for about 2.5″

Cut your faux fur to the length desired. Be sure to first back comb with your hands to pull the length of the fur down so that you don’t chop the ends of the hair with the fabric. I really liked the variety bag we bought because there were so many choices!

Don’t worry about the width, because we will trim off excess after it is glued in place. Just cut to the height of hair that you’d like.

Next, hot glue in a zig zag pattern around the small part of the pop tube.

Wrap the fur around where you’ve hot glued.

Next, I like to cut off the narrow part of the other end of the pop tube. I just think it looks nicer.

Your mome rath is almost done!

Now, hot glue two spots for the eyes. You will want to place the eyes close together, so they cover up the glue seam that holds the two tubes together.

Place the eyes and you’re done!

I hope that you have a wonderful, amazing party and that your Mome raths bring much delight!

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