Sports Bras and Defeating Uniboob (How To)

Uniboob is uncomfortable. I don’t so much worry about how it looks (which is terrible in and of itself), but the feel of the sweat and the rub and I mean….just yuck, right?

It’s probably a mental thing. I know it’s there and it bugs me – like a scratch I can’t itch. So, I find myself continually separating the girls, putting them in the right place and happy, only to find them back out of position 15 minutes later.

That’s sort of why underwires were invented though – to lift and separate. It certainly wasn’t because someone thought putting a metal wire next to one of the most sensitive areas of your body was comfortable.

Anyway, I digress. I was trying super hard to find a sports bra that would lift and separate. I finally thought I’d found one at Under Armor (for $60). It was a super nice, comfortable bra that really held everything in place when I moved.

But…. without that wire support, even with molded cups, the girls kept creeping back together.

So, I went to Amazon, hoping to find a wedge of some sort that might help the situation. I found a few things, but for the most part, came up empty-handed.

They did, however, have the sports bra for less than I paid for it in the store.

There were breast tapes, but I tend to be sensitive to adhesives and it just wasn’t what I needed. There were tons of bras that claimed to lift and separate, but they either had wires or were pretty much what I already had. Being large chested, most of these don’t work.

Now, the search popped up without me even typing it all the way into Amazon, so I know that other ladies struggle with it as well. I did find a halter which was tempting that was to be worn under the bra, but most sizes were sold out and now I can’t even find it.

Then it dawned on me – why not just DIY it?

I got out a soft washcloth and some scissors.

I folded it in half and cut a strip off that looked about the right length.

Then rolled it like a jelly roll. Put on your sports bra and tuck in the rolled washcloth between your breasts. If the fit if comfortable, then stitch the roll closed along the seam. (I usually hand sew).

That’s it! These are easily machine washable and absorb sweat too. Plus, you’ve upcycled an old washcloth for an extra win. You cannot see the washcloth if you sized it right when you rolled it up.

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