The Maileg Mouse Blanket

One of the charming parts of Maileg Mice is the creativity that they bring out. Not only pretend play, but the creativeness in making new things for the mice. Making things for Bug to play with brings a nostalgic factor and feels wholesome. He also makes things so they satisfy imagination as well as crafting.

On this occasion, we were packing up the mice into their mobile RV and they needed a blanket that would be big enough for all of them to sleep in, since they were sharing a bed.

I let Bug pick the yarn color that he liked best out of my yarn stash and got to work.

The pattern was super simple and I used a bigger needle (size 10 1/2 knitting needle) so that it would yield a softer/floppier blanket.

Cast on 28

Knit the first 4 rows

K3, P across to last 3 stitches, K3 (do this for all odd rows)

Knit all even rows

Repeat for 30 rows

Knit last 4 rows for a grand total of 38 rows.

Tie little matching tassels on the corners.

It’s sort of like a modified dishcloth pattern. It’s about that size. But, I mean, I could totally see a mouse family finding a dishcloth and using it as a blanket, so it works.

Also good for sunbathing


Now everyone is nice and warm in their “camper”


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