The Traveling Maileg Mouse Family

As we were planning our first RV adventures, we decided that taking along our Maileg Mouse family would be lots of fun because we could find nature treasures to play with with the mice, plus they don’t take up much space for the amount of play that you can get out of them.

It seemed appropriate that the mice would live in a small suitcase. Hunter had just received some little toy suitcases for his birthday with passport stickers, so he chose the medium suitcase and we started packing the bare essentials for the comfort of our mice.

The “travel stamps” were custom added by Hunter (it was part of the gift – he added them to all of the suitcases.) I added links to the suitcases and stickers at the bottom of the page.

Inside the case, we packed the Maileg Mouse family.

Inside (along with the mice) we packed:


Here are the links for the suitcases that we decorate:

Here is the set of toy suitcases:


Here are the travel stickers

and here are the passport stickers (which are clear stickers)

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