How to Complete K Homeschooling Journals

These journals are how we wrap up the week. To document your work and progress for the state, please check your state’s requirements. In addition to the journals, I keep all of the worksheets we do by just putting them back into the file folder that we use under their individual week. I keep the sheets in order and as they are completed I put them to the back of the file stack to keep it all orderly.

I have just a paper file folder that was about $5 from Walmart. I tried to get a fancier one and the sheets didn’t fit. So here we are with old reliable with the ink scratch outs and coffee spills on it.

Here is what it looks like inside. Each tab has the letters and subjects written on it. I have two subjects in each tab because there weren’t enough individual tabs for each lesson. In the back I’ve stuffed two hanging folders – one full of Mommy and Me coloring sheets from Dollar Tree and one for whatever the current holiday is.

Now for the journals. We technically have two journals – mine and Bug’s.

Mine is just a little journal. In it, I write the week and what we added to the curriculum. I picked it up as a notebook to travel with, but it worked well for a mini journal.

We use Bug’s Journal as a way to “wrap up” our week. I take two pages each week. At first, we did just one page but quickly discovered that sometimes he wanted to get a little more in-depth with his weekly drawings. Not only does the process feel like a “grand finale” but we also have it to use as part of our record-keeping for the state.

How to Journal

  1. I write the week and the date at the top.
  2. I write an upper and a lower case version of the letter we studied.
  3. I also write the letter we studied (I didn’t in the first one which is pictured below, but he did so we just continued that trend.)
  4. Then I hand the journal to him and he writes a copy of the letters and numbers in ink.
  5. Then he draws a picture of what we studied (simple or complex – it’s up to him) and colors it.
  6. Then I write our memory verse below his work.

And the week is done!

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