MFW – Add-ons for Insect and Goat Units

Don’t forget that we have a core set of additions that we use when something needs extra focus or help in clarifying a concept.

And we always fill out our journal and do our sign language practice.

For the Insect Unit and Letter I, We Added:

  • I printed a map of the United States and we talked about the different states that we had visited so far and what we had done there. As we talked about it, Bug colored the states we had visited. We hung the map up on the inside of the door to his sleeping cubby to be filled in with new states that we traveled to.
  • We did the ant farm (Uncle Milton). The ants arrived quickly with very few casualties. It made me a little sad that the ant colony was doomed to die out for lack of a queen. Bug did learn a lot about ants though and enjoyed feeding them and watching how they became busy when a bit of food was dropped in.
  • In talking about seasons and how ants gather food, we read Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and also listened to Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds
  • Made peanut butter honey energy balls instead of the recipe in the book because it was a recipe that I was familiar with.
  • Because we introduced sight words this week, I had Bug use the tactile letters to build the word “the.”
  • The Bernstein Bears Book of Science page 57 about Thanksgiving
  • Because one of the lessons talked about inchworms, we looked up this video and watched the cute little guy moving around.

For the Goat Unit and Letter G We Added:

We didn’t add much about actual goats this week, but we did do some educational things.

  • We talked about goats that we met earlier that summer and looked at pictures, reminiscing about how the goats felt, looked, acted, and smelled. On that trip we had stayed on an actual farm overnight and Bug had gotten up early to do chores with our host, so we were very up close and personal with the goats.
  • Since it was Christmas, we started the week reading The Nutcracker a little bit each night. It’s a pretty little copy that we picked up at Barnes and Noble with gilded edges and an embossed cover.
  • We visited a historical monument – Castillo de San Marcus and Mission Nombre de Dios in St. Augustine, Florida because I have friends there and we went to see the Regatta of Lights as a little Christmas trip.
  • Christmas Cookie Math Sheets
  • We experimented with Think-ets and storytelling using the little items. These are an awesome little tool that we’re looking forward to using more in the future

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