MFW – Add-Ons for Sun and Moon Units

First, I want to remind that I have a “core set” of activities that I use alongside the curriculum when it feels like we have extra time or need extra work in a subject. Remember, the Charlotte Mason style keeps things very light and playful, so you don’t want to bog down with too many additions! I try to add only things that Bug seems to enjoy doing or what he’s in the mood to do. The journal, however, we do every week, along with the sign language book.

plasticine letters from our core set of activities

For the Sun Unit and Letter S, we added:

  • Mrs. B’s Beehive “About the Sun” packet (free download)
  • We created a “raisin tracking sheet” for the raisin experiment, which carried into the following week when we had full raisins. On each sheet, Bug would write the number for the day, draw the raisins complete with any wrinkles, and then describe how they were changing and I would write down his comments under the picture he drew.

For the Moon Unit and Letter M, we added:

This was our badge for the week:




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