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WW 32 Ways to Use Laughing Cow Light

I learned about Laughing Cow Light when I started following Hungry Girl and buying her books.  

I discovered her in early 2009 shortly after the book was published when I ran across it at Barnes and Noble, long before “socials” were a thing. I quickly became a huge fan! I’m not associated with her in any way, but I do adore her knowledge and highly encourage others to check out the brilliant ways she can help you manage your weight. She’s done a lot of great work!

The product works as a snack, but shines as a spread. Think of subs for butter and mayo and only costs 1 WW point. Here are some ways that my friends and I have used Laughing Cow Light:

And don’t forget to check out Hungry Girl. You should be able to search her site for more great ideas!




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