Favorite Finds – Magic Cabin Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit

I’ve always loved the Magic Cabin line of products. They offer wholesome, quality products for kids that spark imaginative play. I’ve been on the mailing list since the 90s, even when I didn’t have kids, I’d occasionally order a product or two for decoration or crafting.

I’d had my eye on the beeswax candle kit for years. This year it seemed like a fun thing to make for Christmas gifts for the family because Bug is old enough to work with it.

We ordered through Amazon, though you can order directly through Magic Cabin directly (that’s the preferred way because it’s great to help smaller businesses like that). They ship directly from Magic Cabin. They arrived attractively, but moderately, packaged. The 12 sheets of beeswax smell amazing (like the natural honeyish scent that beeswax has).

The colors are super bright and cheery with a couple of natural colored ones as well.

There is lots of wick string, so don’t worry about running out. They give you enough that you can even roll birthday candles if you want to.

I cut each sheet in half horizontally because I wanted to make thicker candles.

Bug needed a little help to get them started (he’s only 3) but it was basically just putting the wick onto the wax sheet and pressing the edge over the wick as if it were pie dough. Then he took over and rolled.

We used small cookie cutters to make designs out of the wax. He did need a little bit of adult help to push the cutters all the way through the wax because the wax is pretty thick despite its pliability.

The cutters came from Hobby Lobby. The candle shown above is a single half-sheet, so our candles came out twice that thick. The cutouts are easily pressed into the candle and stay without any sort of adhesive.

Bug picked out colors for each recipient. Papa loves John Deer, so he identifies green and yellow with Papa. When finished, I tucked each candle in a goodie bag and tied them with colorful butcher’s twine. On one end of the twine, I tied a button that says “Handmade with love.” On the other end of the twine, I attached paperboard tags.

We used two colors for each candle “body” and then a half sheet for decorations. We ended up with 11 good sized candles and some leftover wax. There’s definitely enough in the kit to make quite a few candles.

I saw some people enjoy adding a little essential oil in their candles to make smells. Most people make them for themselves. I think it would be fun to roll little silver charms and stones and things inside of them to make treasure candles. We might do that when he gets a little older.

If the Magic Cabin Candle Rolling Kit is sold out, there are several other kits available. It’s a fun project, though of course, I can’t specifically recommend one that isn’t the Magic Cabin.


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