Epiphany – Gifts of the Three Wisemen

This year I’d decided to replace some of our cutesy Christmas things with decorations that had more meaning and would (hopefully) make the events around Christmas seem more alive and relate-able to our 5-year-old.

I mean, I LOVE cutesy Christmas things, but we have very little space to work with so I have to pick and choose.

On the one trip we were able to make to The Holy Land Experience before they closed, I had noticed a gift set that had the gifts of the three wisemen, but it was pricey so we hadn’t bought it. I’d thought I’d spend some Christmas money to purchase it before the holidays, but then the pandemic happened, they closed, and we weren’t able to go back.

This Christmas, I decided to try to find it. A quick search found a gorgeous set and it was available at one of my favorite online catalogs, Christian Book.

The packaging includes a certificate of authenticity.

It also includes a descriptive card that tells more about each individual piece. The Frankincense and Myrrh are real resin that can be burned as incense! It has very little scent just sitting in the box.

The resins are packaged separately in resealable bags. You will receive more than what is pictured. That’s what is left over after I’d put some in the boxes.

The containers for the gifts are gorgeous “artifacts” that really give a feeling of authenticity because they are designed to be so lovely with an antique feel.

The Myrrh and Frankincense can be placed in either of two boxes. This is the Frankincense. The boxes are lined with red silk which is attached to the box.

This is the Myrhh.

And this is the Gold. The gold piece is really unique. Rather than a gold rock or nuggets, you get a textured orb with genuine gold flakes inside. The flakes are suspended in liquid, similar to a snow globe. The orb has several dimples in it, which makes it easier to hold which is ideal for little hands. The flakes will settle, just like in a regular snowglobe. The picture shows what it looks like shaken.

The bottom has an embossed sticker.

I’m just so happy with the set!

Right now Christianbook doesn’t have the set with the boxes, but they have this set.

It’s also available on Amazon here (currently for $59.95).

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