REVIEW: Sago Mini Box – Road Trip

We’ve been big fans of Sago Mini for a while but hadn’t bought any of their products. It’s one of the few things that we allow Bug to play with on his tablet, which is restricted to educational stuff for the most part. They are owned by Toca Boca out of Toronto, Canada, who makes a lot of fun “pretend-play and learning” apps. Sago Mini has a lot of innocent, fun little games that make children laugh and it’s pretty easy to just sit down and play the app together.


When they announced the Sago Mini Box, we were pretty excited and signed up right away. I thought it would be a great thing to incorporate into our play structure since Sago is very big on building imagination and creative play. It’s a great company and we are huge fans. If this box looks great to you, I have a code for $10 off your first box at the end of the article.

The box arrived addressed to my son and he recognized the Sago Mini characters on the outside of the box immediately and cheered “SAGO MINI!”

The whole thing was so beautifully packaged inside that it reminded me of a present. We opened the box and everything was wrapped securely and sealed (it’s torn because I opened that part before I thought to take the picture).

Our first glimpse at what was inside was the theme of the box. How exciting!

Next, we flipped over the intro sheet (which was a heavy cardstock) and were treated to a letter explaining our mission and thus starting our pretend play adventure.

Underneath were neatly stacked envelopes and to the side was a little wrapped package.

We opened the little package and the first envelope down, which was a large envelope that included the first part of our adventure and had been sent to us by Hugbot.

Inside the envelope, we found instructions and goodies. The wrapped packaged contained a toy “Jinja” cat of pretty good quality.

The first envelope had a pretty long stretch of heavy felt “road” and the parts to snap together a car for Jinja.

After letting Bug drive Jinja around a bit, we moved to the second envelope. I have to admit though, by this time

he was so excited to actually be playing with the toys that he was almost getting a little emotional.

The second envelope contained a letter from Jinja, and signs and houses for Jinja’s adventure. They were so well detailed. Yes, they are cardboard, but such sturdy cardboard they will stand up to a lot of play. Plus, they store well because they are flat and will be healthy for the environment when he gets tired of them.

See how thick they are?

Here are the front and back of the houses, which stand up on their little peg stands. Included is Grandma’s, Hugbot’s Gas Station, and Jinja’s house.

Also in this box are road signs that are dual-sided.

Bug was pretty happy with everything at this point and so was I.

This was a complete playset, but there was more to enjoy later on, which we discovered when we went to the third envelope.

This was a letter from Remy the Yeti!

Inside we found this:

It’s a Bingo game and a road trip tracker! How cool! The Bingo cards are paper and there are several of them, all different. The tracker is made of the same heavy cardboard as the other toys are.

But wait! There was one more surprise at the very bottom of the box.

The shipping box turned into a car that you can color and sticker decals to decorate the car with. The little car is a perfect size if you have the Sago plush. We don’t, but we did have some others that were the right size to drive around. The car was super detailed!

Even the undercarriage!


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Let me know what you think of the box!




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