Read Me a Bedtime Story Video: Goodnight Moon

One of my favorite books of all time, this was the first recording that I did. Can you believe this book was written almost 75 years ago?

It’s available in a ton of formats, gift collections, and languages. Check out the Goodnight Moon in Various Formats and Languages Collection. My favorite is the Goodnight Moon Board Book Set because it comes with Runaway Bunny and get both in a nice presentation sleeve for 9.99

Board books are easy to turn for little hands without the risks of tear and paper cuts, so even now that Bug is a toddler (almost pre-K) we still love the format.

Here is the video:


It’s available on YouTube, but YouTube also uses a lot of ads and if you leave your child watching it you can end up with all sorts of weird stuff to follow, so I decided to upload them here where it would be safe.


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