Our Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

Keep in mind, we had just moved in when the big “ONE” happened. So, you may see a few totes and such lying around.


Decorations in this photo: We bought a helium tank to fill our own balloons. This 1st Birthday Boy Decorations Kit contained our balloons, including the giant “1” and the pom poms and “Happy Birthday” banner. The string with the circles in the window is the Baby Blue Tissue Decorating Set and includes those garlands, more pom poms, and the tassels seen on the high chair. The cute garland on the fireplace is the Peter Rabbit Party GarlandThe garland is something that you can make yourself if it stops being manufactured or gets crazy expensive.



Decorations in these photos: The balloons and banner came from the set in the previous photo.  Starting with a set of 6 Bunny Headbands  which we used instead of party hats. They are sitting in this Tray Basket  but don’t pay more than $8 for the basket. It’s nice, but the price on that fluctuates wildly. I paid about $5 for it. I used the  Peter Rabbit Party Invitations that I had left over as both table decor and as ends for the banner over the door (the sign lifts off). I was also able to make a new sign to replace the “you’re invited” and use the remainders as thank you cards. The M&M jars were made with Mini Glass Mason Jars and decorated with Peter Rabbit Cupcake Picks , green raffia, and mini shovels (link below). The mini pots had little seed pods in them of strawberries and forget-me-nots and came from Target in the $1 section. They have them at Amazon, but they are ridiculously expensive there.


Decorations in this photo: I ordered an inexpensive photo collage to be printed off at one of our local pharmacies in 8×10 and did a collage of various photos from Bug’s first year. The smash cake bunny was made at a local bakery and sat on top of a wood slice that I bought from Target. The berry plate also came from Target. The dirt cake has the above-mentioned cupcake picks and Plastic Shovel Dessert Spoons.  The Carrot-Shaped Favor Bags have Lindt chocolates in them. Wooden Place Card Holders added to a woodsey theme. Finally we have a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Plush. This one is also great if the first one isn’t available and the Set of 6 Beatrix Potter Plush is great if you’re going for an overall Beatrix Potter theme.


We decorated his high chair with the tassels from the balloon set and this “Mr. Onederful” high chair banner we bought from Party City.


He wore: 

This cute onesie by Noah’s Boytique

and this cute first birthday crown.

For more birthday party ideas, see our article on Peter Rabbit parties.

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