11 Free Cross Platforming App Games that iPhone Users Can Play with Android Friends

I think every household has at least one – a cell phone user that bucked the family trend, went rogue, and bought the reverse operating system from the rest of the family.

In my family, that’s me – an iOS user in a sea of Android-oids.

Well, I like to play apps and I tend to bug everyone to play apps with me. The problem is that most game apps were not developed in both systems. Of those that were, about 20% of them can’t communicate with each other.

So, here’s a list of games that DO allow cross-platforming play that will work with both systems. I have tested all of them.

They are listed in no particular order.

Happy Gaming!


1.  Draw Something.  It’s sorta like Pictionary.



2. What’s The Phrase – It’s pretty much Wheel of Fortune.



3. Words With Friends – Scrabble type turn-based game.



4. Fun Run – Don’t let the generic looking characters fool you.

This fun racing game  is played simultaneously with your friends or you can make friends and add them as you play. You race against each other in a side-scroller fashion over a variety of obstacles while holding your phone side-ways in game-boy style.  However, be on your guard. You can attack each other with various power ups along the way. These are a bit more gruesome than your Mario cart variety power ups, as one lights your head on fire so you run faster and another is a saw blade that slices whoever it hits into pieces. All of this is recoverable, just slows you down. It’s pretty entertaining.


5. Cribbage Pro Online – Old School

I don’t really know how to play cribbage and it doesn’t really have much in the way of explanation about what is going on. However, you can play it with your cross platforming friends!




6. Super Stickman Golf 2 – Addictive

Don’t let the plain looking avatar and the easy first course fool you, this is one bad mamma jamma of a game the everyone in my circle of testers got addicted to it rather quickly. The game writers came up with some pretty innovative ways of making this game challenging and fun.




7. Hanging with Friends – Hangman, but cuter.



8. Pool Break Pro – Pool and Snooker in many forms



9. Chess with Friends or Chess Time – Updates in Real Time

Two different apps, both are pretty much the same.

cc31  cc32


10. Raging Thunder 2 – It’s Like Driving

Raging Thunder is a racing game that has you use your phone like a steering wheel, tipping back and forth to maneuver your car.





11. Trivia Crack – Awesome

Many of the questions are submitted by players, you can too. Most of the questions aren’t too tough and are in a format that’s fun to play. We love this game.






























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