Date Night In Boxes – Throwback

This was our second of the Date Night in Boxes. We loved the first one of Key to My Heart so we decided to continue the subscription.

If you aren’t sure what the fuss is about, I’ll sum it up: The Date Night In Boxes are something we decided to subscribe to because they send you everything you need for a unique date that you can have from home. We have a toddler and a shortage of babysitters and we live in a really rural area. They seemed like a perfect solution for us.

They also have a “faith” option that you can add on to the box.

The boxes are also easy to pause if you don’t want the box for a particular month or two. Here’s the link if you already want to try them!

Before you scroll any further, please be aware that the reviews I do on these products show you what’s in the box and describes the activities (they don’t give away any of the tasks or anything. just give you an idea of what to expect. Some boxes are available after their release date, so if this box looks interesting to you and you want a total surprise, then stop reading now. This box can be purchased here.

We rated this box 3/5. I just didn’t feel it was as interesting or imaginative as the last box had been.

To be fair, I’m really not a big fan of 80s nostalgia, so that was part of the issue. Some people love 80s nostalgia and if you are one of those people, you’ll love the box. It’s pretty spot on.

As always, they include ideas for movies and other activities to continue your date.

So, here we go.


Here are the contents of the box. As you can see, it was much less paper-oriented than the first one we received. I can’t deny that I do love Pop Rocks. The concept was largely centered around reminiscing. The rubiks cube and multipen are really more nostalgia pieces for fun than any specific purpose.

For this date, you are encouraged to dress up. Of course, the “Risky Business” sunglasses are already included. I claimed the blue ones.

Dinner for the evening was Booyah Fruit Punch, Salad, “Fancy” Hot Pockets, and Homemade Dunkaroos. The Hot Pockets were made from scratch using puff pastry and pizza fillings.

Our first activity was making homemade freeze pops with the included supplies and some kool-aid. These could be spiked with vodka if desired.

The next activity was table talk ideas with suggested questions and conversations centered around sharing our past with one another. There were questions about what our family dinners were like growing up and favorite childhood tech gadgets.

Next, there were some trivia questions. Because I’m older than my husband, it was a little slanted.

The next task was a game of M.A.S.H. which I’ll admit was probably my favorite part. It was fun playing an old childhood game like that. This one was guided, which was nice because it’d been such a long time since I’d played (and my husband never had played).

Finally, the last prescribed activity was Truth, Dare, or Karaoke. A blow-up microphone was included (it’s pictured as folded up in the plastic bag). The scratch-off board was part of that game and a link to the karaoke music was included.


If you’re interested in trying the boxes, here is the link to try the experience for yourself!







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