RV Bathroom Hacks: Beauty Prep

I know that a lot of campers don’t really care about putting on makeup and fancy stuff. I’ll admit that I don’t usually. But, we are glampers in the truest sense and when our first big camping trip involved a business meeting, grooming become a sudden and important thing.

We have two baths – a full and a half. The half bath is where the good mirror is and also where the teeniest counter is. I actually cracked this sink because a glass jar fell into it while we were going down the road – and not from a great height either. I’d just forgotten to take the jar off the counter or secure it before we left. (The offending jar is not pictured, by the way.)

Knowing that the sink couldn’t be used, I was trying to think of a way to prevent accidentally using it.

What I came up with was an old Ikea Rimforsa bamboo cutting board, flipped upside down and held on with Gorilla Putty. The Rimforsa line has been mostly discontinued, but they have a similar one called Lamplig.

If you haven’t used Gorilla Putty before – it’s amazing. It holds tight to keep things from sliding and falling, but can be pulled right up without marring the surface. Above, you can see it on the corners of the cutting board.

Voila! The sink was covered and I had a wonderful workspace for all of my “prepping” tools. I love the lip on the edge because it keeps my brushes from rolling away. There’s really a lot of space there.

Yes, I know the faucet above the flat surface looks a little goofy – but remember this is not a permanent addition. I didn’t want to get rid of the sink’s usability. I can pop the cover off and on and off at any time. The Gorilla Putty is only used to give it a grip so it doesn’t come flying off when the coach moves.

I’m also one of those people that likes to have everything in grabbing distance when grooming. I don’t like digging through a box to find a hairbrush or hair ties. This proves to be a challenge in an RV, where you often can’t leave stuff all over the counters. I mean, I guess you could Gorilla Putty it all down, but that would get awkward.

I found this also at Ikea. It’s part of their Nereby line. Our coach has a built in towel rack on the back of the door and this hangs there perfectly. We store hair brushes, hair ties, the sprayer for my air plants, contact lenses, and basically anything else we use on a regular basis. It’s actually full in the picture.

This is something that would be super easy to make even for a beginning seamstress. The pockets are about as wide as my flat hand. Seams are straight stitches. The tab tops are closed with snaps.

If you use curling irons and spray, the pockets are definitely big enough to accommodate.



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