Living Room Trasformation Stage 3 – Changing Floors

The carpet in the living room was the 80s brown carpet that was a nice, neutral safe color for those who didn’t feel like being bold interior decorators. I was fine with it but honestly, blue shag carpet wouldn’t have bothered me either. I wasn’t fine with letting it stay forever. To say the carpet was dirty from years of use was an understatement. The removal of the popcorn ceiling just made me feel that much sketchier about letting it stay.


When the windows were done, the builders were kind enough to take out the old carpet for us and discard it. This left a nice, clean slate.

I am not crazy about slab flooring, but sometimes “it is what it is.” We bought the highest grade pad that we could find to get as much cushion as we could and flooring commenced. We chose a multicolored woodtone vinyl flooring. Installation was completed in a day. It took a bit longer than normal because of the countours in the tile of the adjoining room.


The multi-tone added exactly the warm, vintage feel we were hoping for. Ready for phase 3!

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