RV Remake First Step – Making it Home

Getting Gypsy Organized and Cozy

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Being a newer RV, Gypsy didn’t need a whole lot of remodeling, but there were definitely things we wanted to make more to our taste.

The first thing we did was deep cleaning. Fortunately, the dealership gave the carpet a good steaming which made the carpet look new.

The unfortunate part of the “cleaning” they gave was a terrible smell. Whatever they wiped everything down with made everyone in the house nauseated. This was quickly fixed with some baking soda in the fridge and freezer and a good wipe-down with plain soap and water.

Our first few upgrades were super easy and not terribly expensive, but totally changed the vibe of the inside.

First, we replaced the knobs and pulls with something more our style. Here are the old silver ones – very squared off and shiny.


I have this thing for products that match but don’t “exact” match. So, when I saw these knobs, they were exacting what I was looking for.


Each one of the handles had a different design. They added a whimsical feel and just a tiny splash of color.

There were also handles on the cabinets, so I chose these:

YouThe new cabinet handles added a much lighter feel. Here is one with the old and one with the new.

You are definitely going to need a welcome mat. Make it cozy and functional. This one came from Target.

However, don’t fall into the trap of grabbing a bunch of rugs to start with. While you will need one at the entrance and one for your shower, wait before you run out and buy a runner or throw rugs. They look great on those RV remake videos, but often you’ll find your needs are different than expected once you use your rig a few times.

Throw pillows are another easy addition to customization. I bought velvet covers for the 26″ bed throw pillows that came with the rig and then also added a couple of extras with down fillers that I bought. I accented with a set of 18″ fox pillow covers with down fillers.  I’ll use some of these later during the holidays as part of my RV holiday decorating hacks.

I also have a gauze throw blanket pictured above.

Real wax candles with artificial flames add a cozy atmosphere. Affix them with gorilla putty and they pretty much don’t move even on a tiny ledge. They come in a variety of colors and you can rub them with essential oils or any scented oil of your choice to make your space more cozy.

Last, but not least, is wall art. We added very little, just some art I made to replace the stock art in the bedroom and this very little felt changeable letter board. I wanted a board that was very small, so I ordered this one. It does come in other colors and it does come with letters, but not the one shown on mine. Mine were Rae Dunn inspired letters, sold separately. And finally, I ordered some little seasonal felt pieces to personalize it further.

Here is a picture of the seasonal felt set so you can get an idea of the different icons available. They have other sets too that have different themes. The one in the picture above is the Summer Set.



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