Second Hand Super Cool Toys – Disney Fairies Secret Wings

Tinkerbell's Color Changing Wings

I was enchanted with these wings the first time that I saw them, but by the time I found them they were no longer in production (they are from 2012). They were originally sold at the Disney Store.

They are still available through some sellers on Amazon, but are a little pricey for what they are (a toy) and I couldn’t bring myself to spend over $60 on them.

Disney Fairies Magical Light Up Wings

I was blessed to find them on eBay for $25 still in the package. I was so excited!

Unlit, these are admittedly less than exciting. They do have a nice iridescent sheen and lavender trim, but no real pattern. However, I bought these to use at night to wear at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

They light up in 6 different colors. They are worn by slipping your arms through an elastic harness that is the same color as the wing trim (lavender). It fits a toddler through an adult, though larger adults may find the straps a little tight.The straps do slide, so changing them is doable, though difficult.

Under the flower centerpiece is a plastic box that hold 3 AA batteries that run the lights. There are 3 modes – trial, off, and on. The small picture of fairies has to be pushed to activate the lights. When in trial or on mode, they cycle through the lights. Trial mode is brief, but “on” mode goes longer. On mode lasts a few minutes, but my toddler is more than happy to assist in pushing the button to keep them going.

They are about 14″ x 14″ at their widest point.

I wore mine for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with my Tinkerbell costume. They held up really well and I intend to wear them again for another event.

They are extremely charming and definitely worth purchasing if you see some for sale!

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