Pyramid Collection Enchantress Hooded Maxi Jacket (Review)

This product is exclusive to the Pyramid Collection and actually quite a lovely piece. I ordered it in hopes of wearing it for part of a costume to wear for a video.


Overall Sizing Expectations

No doubt about it, as of now, this product runs VERY LARGE. My chest is 43″ and I ordered an XL going off of their guidelines. Even with the laces at the breast done completely tight, there was ample room. I added two large safety pins to the back and took up about 2″ of fabric  it was still really a loose fit and there was too much fabric in the armpit area.

I usually like my clothing loose, but this is just too loose. Even with the attempt at modifying the back, the fit was loose.

If you want it to fit like it’s displayed, you’ll probably have to go down a size (at least).


Fit Detailing

  • The sleeves are about 3/4 length to wrist, but they won’t dangle over your hands at all even at the longest part.
  • The hood is not overly oversized, but bigger than a hoodie hood. When pulled up, it framed my face and long hair nicely.
  • I felt the length was just perfect for my 5’4″ frame in that it went about 3/4 of the way down my calves and would have looked good on a taller person as well, though on a 5′ tall person the tails of the coat are probably going to touch the ground if you aren’t wearing heels.


Frame and Fit 

The styling is very forgiving because it is sort of an empire waisted style, which means it’s going to look good on both full and flat chests for the most part.


Fabric and Material Details

It’s a heavy stretch velour, which makes it comfortable in it’s flexibility. Think of your most comfortable stretchy leggings, only made of a heavy velvety fabric. This is probably the best quality stretch velour I’ve seen and it’s super soft.

The fact that the fabric stretches makes it easier to key in a fit that you like.

Stitching on the hems and details are very nice and finished. This is definitely well made.

There is no liner.

As I said, it’s heavy, so if it’s a hot climate for your event keep that in mind. It would be lovely at a fall Ren Faire and I honestly considered keeping it to put over a chemise as an alternate costume just because it’s so neat in it’s design.

Because it’s stretch velour, I couldn’t help but feel it was a bit “costume-ish.” Folks that are picky about what they wear to a Ren Faire probably won’t like the fabric.

It hangs and drapes very nicely and has a good “flow” when you move.

review enchantress

My Final Decision:

I liked it, but regretfully had to return it because it was just so big  and the stretchy fabric just kept bugging me. I had imagined it to feel more like velvet or suede without a lot of give.  Plus, it’s just going to be too hot to wear in Florida for the filming.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would, but I would suggest sizing down one size. With the right fit, this is a piece that is sure to get a lot of compliments and I think it would be great for cosplay and theatrical pieces, among other things.

You can find it here: . Current price is $99.95. is in no way affiliated with the Pyramid Collection and has not been reimbursed in any way for this review

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