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Pocket dragons are a neat collectible that are now no longer under manufacture, so they are also a good investment as far as “what will this be worth down the road.”

The dragons were primarily popular in Europe, particularly England, but gained quite a bit of recognition in the United States as well. The market for the dragons now is mostly secondary, with some shops holding leftover inventory of new dragons.


Now is a good time to begin collecting, because the set has been completely retired, but is not priced at an unreasonable level. In fact, some dragons can still be purchased for $20 or less, while some are well over $100.

The very first of the dragons were created in 1989 and the first 25 are the most rare. Over 300 different dragons were made. After 17 years, in 2006, the new pocket dragons ceased when Real Musgrave (their designer) retired.


Pocket Dragon collecting also doesn’t stop with dragons. Other fan merchandise include several books, including the Pocket Dragon Cookbook, Christmas Cards, and posters.

One of the neatest features about the pocket dragons is that they each have a “rune” message that is written in a mystical language created by Real Musgrave. Taken from pocketdragons.com:

The magical and intriguing ‘runes’ you will notice on your Pocket Dragons are a mystical language written by Real. Sometimes hidden and difficult to spot, these mystical messages teach us the values of life. They can be translated if you posses a ‘rune’ translator, and include messages such as : ‘It all started in an intergalactic bar’, and the very well known Pocket dragons motto, ‘be kinder than necessary..’

We’ve included the rune translator from the site here:

There are actually some pretty neat stories behind some of the dragons themselves. They had a short-lived cartoons series, and at the time this was written, the pocket dragon website was still active (most of it anyway).


When collecting, be sure to keep all original paperwork with your dragon, because that will help raise his or her value. There is a dragon for nearly everyone! It’s fun to page through and just see which ones best match your personality, but there is sure to be at least one that makes you say “that’s me!” Let’s take a look at some of the cutest of the cute in the dragon world:

Let’s See the Dragons!

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