Favorite Finds – Avatar Hoodie from Pandora

This adorable hoodie is mostly a “picture is worth 1000 words” sort of thing.

I found it on accident when I saw a kid trying it on in the Pandora area of Animal Kingdom. If you’ve looked through the site much, you know I’m a pushover for costume-like garments.


The white-ish spots glow in the dark – it’s extra cool when you are actually in Pandora. Yes, the tail is velcro’ed on, and the velcro is quite sturdy.

They are located at the back of the store. If you walk to the back corner as you’re exiting Flight of Passage and keep walking forward, they are right there and are something that Disney seems to regularly carry. I haven’t found them anywhere else other than this location, however. The price is around $30.


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