Little People Trick-or-Treat Surprise

I first saw this toy on the Fisher Price Website. It was on sale, but was sold out because it was discontinued in 2016.

The set came with the following.

  • Surprise House
  • Dino Boy (Two slightly different models – one carried a square bag and a candy bar and had slightly darker skin, the other was paler and carried just the bag)
  • Pumpkin Girl (Two different models – one had smooth hair and carried a bag, the other had crazy hair with no bag)
  • Mom with Treats or Candy Corn Tessa (depending on the release date and where purchased)
  • Yellow Tricycle

Fun Facts About the House:

  • There are several companion books available called that sell for around $5 – $10 that feature the characters in the set. These are both lift-the-flap.

  • “Stepping” on the door mat will give you one of several pre-recorded sounds or messages.
  • The “witch” in the door slides up and down to reveal a Frankenstein monster image for open and close fun.
  • The doorbell also has several pre-recorded sounds and messages and causes the jackolantern in the window to flicker.
  • Playing with the bat on the roof causes the ghost to pop up (or down).
  • The pumpkin ghost has a “pop and release” mechanism.
  • Two CDs were also released with tracks like “Mary Had a Little Spider,” “Monster Mash, and  “Boo, Boo, Black Cat.” You can find these for sale or if you are an Amazon Unlimited Music subscriber, at least some of the songs are available. If you aren’t, you can give the songs a try with the Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial .

  • Companion toys were released, including a witch, two different pirates with a ghost, a skeleton with a spider, candy corn Tessa with pumpkins, pumpkin girl with a black cat, and dinosaur with black dog. These add-ons are quite a bit harder to find because they were mostly sold through grocery stores and similar establishments.
  • It’s pretty common to see this set “pieced out” online, with sellers listing the individual parts for sale. Therefore, it’s easy to complete your set utilizing these listings. The house itself is the easiest part to find.
  • There are several of this style of “Holiday House” for different seasons, including one for Christmas and one for Easter.
  • Another Halloween set, the Pumpkin Party Barn was also manufactured and it’s a fantastic companion (or alternate) piece.

Manufacturer Description:

Lights, sounds and spooktacular action surprises! Ring the doorbell and a light turns on inside the house. Move the bat to hear spooky sounds and Halloween music — watch out for the pop-up ghost! Press on the door mat to hear fun sounds; pop the top of the jack-o-lantern for a peek-a-boo surprise! House opens wide for two-sided play, then folds closed at the end of the day with everything stored inside. Includes freewheeling trike and costumed Koby, Sofie and Tessa figures.

  • Requires 3 AA batteries.


Where to Find:

Amazon: Occasional (This is where I bought mine. I paid $45 for it new. The link to the listing is below.)

Ebay: Always/Often

Walmart: Rarely (from a secondary seller)

Secondary Sales Sites (Private Sites): Rarely

Garage Sales/Craigslist/Facebook: Occasional

Big Box Retail: Never. This is discontinued.

Pricing Via Internet

Please note, “Listing Price” is what hopeful sellers will try to sell for hoping a collector will buy it. “Selling” is the price the item is most often currently sold for online. None of these included shipping.

MSRP: $30.00

Manufacturer Sale Price: $19.99

Highest Seen Listing Price (New): $165 (Ebay, April 2018)

Normal Selling Price (New in Box): $40 – $80

Normal Selling Price (Used – All Parts): $40

Normal Selling Price (Used Missing Parts or House Only): $25 – $60

Normal Selling Price for Replacement Parts (Ebay): $15 (per character)

Garage Sale Pricing: I’ve found this item at local sales and on places like Craigslist ranging from $13 – $20, depending on what comes with it.

Amazon Link:Little People Trick-Or-Treat Surprise

Manufacturer Link: Fisher Price

Ebay Link: Little People Trick or Treat Surprise

Note: It’s not uncommon for adults to collect Little People. This is part of the reason that this particular toy series can get pricey on the secondary market.


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