Favorite Finds – Santa’s Mailbox from Target – Christmas 2018

Right at the front of most Target stores you can find what I think of as “the dollar section.” Most of the items are under $5 and usually it’s holiday oriented. I’ve found some really neat, fun things there over the years of shopping at Target.

This year, I found this super-cute mailbox that comes with 8 letters for $3.



I bought it because I thought Bug would enjoy playing with it (which he did). But, after looking at it, I thought it would be great fun for a larger family whose family members could fill out the included letter cards.



The letters are heavy cardstock, which folds in the middle to fit in the little envelopes. I accidentally tore this one apart before I actually looked at it and realized it was actually a front and a back.



The box itself is made of very sturdy cardboard with well-done graphics, A sturdy little trapdoor in the back allows the letters to be taken out easily and the whole thing is well-made enough to stand up to years of use.



If you weren’t able to find the mailbox, I think it would be possible to make one out of a carboard milk container. The top of this was clearly cut and stitched down, then covered with paper. If I try it, I’ll definitely post. If you try it – please share!



On a side note, I purchased this wooden Santa letter box from Michaels for about $15. I thought it was uncanny that it’s done in the exact same colors….



The mailbox is unfortunately not available online. I hope Target brings these back next year because I think this little $3 kit would make an awesome holiday tradition for families of all shapes and sizes!


Merry Christmas!

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