What to Add for MFW Craft Embellishments

Projects and Badges

This is what we add for badges and other projects. We do a lot of our homeschooling on the road so I had to make a really small case full of embellishments to make them practical. We use the embellishments for a wide variety of activities and a little goes a long way!

I used a small photo storage case and put smaller containers inside it (I’ll link the smaller containers below too). I use these little storage containers a lot for organizing our school stuff and other little things in our RV. They latch securely. You can sometimes find them for sale individually at Michael’s craft store.

Some of the items came in their respective containers. The star glitter came from Target. The long tubes of glitter are Darice brand. They are the .25 ounce, not the big .75 ounce.

For small containers I used these screwtop jars and these tiny flip open containers.

These little pot jars work well too.

The pom poms and flat back charms just fit laying on top of the bottles and the container still closed. The stickers we keep in with our paper. The watercolors are the only other thing that doesn’t fit in the photo box.

My list of embellishments:

    • Shaped glitter (stars)
    • Stick on gems (for these I cut the sheets down to fit in the containers)
    • Stickers (I tried to find ones that fit the theme – usually around $1 for a booklet in the kid’s section at craft stores or sheets from the dollar store)
    • Stick on stars
    • Glue (of course)
    • Shaped confetti in different shapes (Hobby Lobby is a good place to look in the party section)
    • Assortment of glitter
    • Sequins
    • Tiny puff balls (the 1/8″ or smaller is mostly what we used)
    • Plastic flat-back charms
    • Small container of watercolors (we got ours from Ikea)
    • Small googly eyes (not pictured – it’s what goes in the empty container)

How We Finish Our Badges:

Finally, after the embellishing is done, I use self adhesive laminate sheets so that they wear better. These are the most economical I’ve found:

One sheet will make 2-3 badges front and back. Then I use a safety pin and tape it to the back with Scotch tape.

When finished, we use mini wooden clothespins to hang them up around the bed (this kit comes with the twine too).

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