Three Great Ways to Protect Your Stroller from Theft

No one likes to think someone would take something as personal as a stroller. I decided to write this post after the second report of an acquaintance whose stroller was stolen while they were on vacation in Disney. Disney does a really great job at keeping people safe, but a lot of stollers look like a dozen others and it’s literally impossible for cast members to keep an eye on everything in the park. While theft of strollers and items on strollers is rare, it has been reported.

So, here’s what you can do to cut down on the chances of your stroller getting stolen.


Many people are reluctant to permanently customize their stroller for some reason. The only reason not to is if you’re hoping to cash out on reselling it or you just really want to keep a low profile. My opinion is that by the time I get done using our stroller, it’s going to be pretty beat up anyway so I see no reason not to.

Your customized stroller doesn’t need to be obnoxious (unless you want it to be). They also can be only temporary for an event, so that your stroller doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s. Plus, it makes yours easy to spot in the crowd.

Permanent ideas for customizing:

  • Embroidered last name, first name, or initials on the seat or the hood of the stroller. These are even available as iron-ons that look like legit embroidery
  • Vinyl iron-on decal of names, initials, logos, or characters (shown below and I have an article here). I did mine on the hood and also where my child’s feet sit.
  • Bedazzle style iron-ons and attachments
  • Sew on patches (these can also be purchased customized with names if you search on Etsy).

Temporary Customizing:

  • Personalized vinyl decals (think the type you see on the back of car windows)
  • Stickers – large ones (the scrapbooking section is great for this)
  • Personalized signs that hang from the handle of the stroller (also found on Etsy or you can make them yourself)



If you haven’t heard about Tiles yet, these are a fantastic invention. You can use them in conjunction with your smart phone to locate the tile by either GPS tracking or making the tile “ring” like when you beep your car from your key fob in a crowded parking lot. I sewed mine into a pocket on my stroller, but they can also be tucked into anything or used with a key ring. They are useful for more than just strollers – some people put them in purses or wallets in case they leave them behind. The pictures below are linked with two different varieties of tiles and both work the same.



The stroller lock by Buggyguard is by far the cutest stroller lock on the market. I have to credit Family Fudge for showing me this awesome product. It doesn’t look aggressive, but instead has a kid-friendly vibe and a really long cord built in to secure your stroller.

You can also use a bicycle lock if for some reason the stroller lock isn’t available.

All of these are great deterrents for keeping your stroller safe. I opted to use all of the above options, because I’m a safety nut.

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