Visiting Kelder’s Farm in Accord, NY

If you’re in the Northwest New York state and have an afternoon to spare, you should visit Kelder’s Farm. There is so much to do that you’ll want to allow at least 2-3 hours to explore. They are known for their giant gnome. He stands by the road and is about 8′ tall.

Nestled in the hills, this is the type of farm that’s a must-do for kids and adults who haven’t had much experience in country life. Aside from the gorgeous views, there’s so much to do!

The first stop is the barn, where you’ll buy your tickets to enjoy the rest of the farm. The pricing is $13 per person to enjoy the farm attractions, but you can also buy a ticket that includes pick-your-own 1/2 peck of apples or a pumpkin for a small additional fee.

The barn has some delicious shopping options and a few gift items, mixed in with charming displays of antiques and some historical information.

If you stop to partake of some of their delicious purchases, be sure to either drop them off at your car or wait until you are about to leave, because you’ll want your hands free to enjoy the farm’s attractions.

Here is a map of the farm. Yes, there is a giant pumpkin shaped bounce pad!

After leaving the store, your first choice will be to visit the play area (to the left of the gazebo ) or the Back 40 (to the right of the gazebo).

But, if you stop in the gazebo, you’ll find a neat life-sized cow whose teats you can actually “milk.” Don’t worry, it’s just water, but it’s a neat experience to try.

We chose to go to the Back 40 first. It’s down a steep hill. Here’s what it looks like from above:

You can grab a quick snack or beverage before you head down.

The trail leading down to the Back 40 is fairly steep. You can take a “farm slide” halfway down if you wish. Don’t be fooled, that slide is a quick ride!

If you’ve never climbed on a hay bale before, here’s your chance! You’ll have some amazing photo opportunities. In addition to the bales (which are arranged in a tiny maze) there is also a basketball toss,  tetherball, hook and ring game, and….

A “ride the bouncy donkey” coral, train to climb on, the GIANT bouncy pumpkin which is like a bouncy castle.

Then of course there are two corn mazes, one for beginners and one for experts.

There are more attractions added to this area every year. After we explored the Back 40, we made the long trek up the hill back to the main area. If you have knee problems, make sure to bring your brace or walking stick because the hill is steep and much harder to go up than down.

Once you’re to to the top, visit the play area. Here you’ll find more country fun. There is a station where you can use a rope and pipe to blow a giant bubble and a huge jungle gym built around a combine for children to explore and learn.

There are several fun games of skill good for older kids and adults. In the ones pictured above, you use two pullies to guild a golf ball past the holes to the finish line at the top.

There are troughs with water pumps that really work and allow visitors to see what it’s like to pump water the old fashioned way. There are little rubber duckies in the trough so you can have a race with your neighbor.

The play area features a giant spiderweb and plenty of other play structures. There’s even a cute area for toddlers to play in the hay.

There are also hay rides! Overall, it’s a fantastic experience for all ages. Don’t forget to visit the orchard to pick your apples or the pumpkin patch for your fall pumpkins!

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