George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA

I’m really not much one for wanting a wedding in a hotel, simply because most event rooms feel like a business meeting. However, the George Washington is anything but ordinary.



With a swimming pool and hot tub like this, you can definitely see that you have stumbled onto something very special.



Gorgeous touches abound, from larger than life grand statues of greyhounds that welcome in the guests at either side of the front staircase, to antique mail slots that are fully functional.




Drop your mail in on any floor and it’s collected at the bottom for pick up, just like in days of old. The slots are situated between the elevators. The hotel is very rich in history. It’s a bit like being in a museum.



This receiving box at the bottom of the mail chute is about 3′ tall.


The rooms were very reasonable for the type of hotel this is and occasionally there are even groupons. Rooms are about $180/night normally with Saturday being at a higher premium (about $230).




We booked the king room, which is one of their basic rooms. We had plenty of space in the room itself and the bathroom and tiled shower were amazing. There were tons of little thoughtful touches in the room like a personal Keurig coffee maker and complimentary bottled water, as well as an iPhone charging station attached to the alarm clock. Each room has a sizeable mini fridge and microwave. The suites are even more luxurious with features like hot tub, double sinks, fireplace, and spa shower.

You’ll also find a business center and workout room.



You will definitely feel pampered if your party chooses to stay here.

There is a small chapel available for the ceremony that you see here.



There are also a few choices for reception venues. The first is a small room called the Lord Fairfax which is pictured here. Please note these were all in the process for being set up for various events. The George Washington has a wide variety of tables and layouts to suit what you need, including projector and sound equipment.




101The second is the Garden Room which looks like the Lord Fairfax in decor, but adjoins a small private garden with a fountain in the middle. When not booked for an event, the garden area is open to the public.
















The last option is the grand ballroom, which actually consists of two adjoining rooms that seamlessly fit together. There are crystal chandeliers and fixtures, vaulted cielings, gorgeous linens and spectacular windows.065



The two sides are called “George” and “Martha.” The George is a regal, beautiful room with a wool carpet that was woven specifically for the George Washington and has their specific pattern woven into it. This is the largest of the two rooms. You’ll notice the mirrored portion at the “head” of the room.


The “George” end of the ballroom as it is prepped for it’s next elegant event


In this photo, you see some of the available equipment that can be added to the room


The other side is the Martha, which is nearly identical to the George, just a slightly smaller end to the grand ballroom. This room has marble floors and two antique mirrors as well as containing the mysterious “stairs to nowhere.” There is also a really pretty little arched window that makes a perfect backdrop for a head table for a small gathering. This little end of the ballroom is simply enchanting if you want a different layout.










If all this wasn’t enough, there is an on-site tavern with live musician, a restaurant, and a spa on the premises, along with numerous interesting displays and historical items of interest.


There is also lots to do in Winchester, including historical properties and the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. is in no way affiliated with this hotel and has not been reimbursed in any way for this review

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