5 1/2 Weeks – Perimenopause vs Pregnancy

There is a lot going through my head every day.

We went to Babies R Us and looked at furniture and started our registry. I know it’s a very early but it was a cheerful thing to do.

One thing that eased my worries about perimenopause false positives (which are rare as I discussed in the 5 week post) was this menopause vs. pregnancy article at Livestrong:

Menopause vs Pregnancy Symptoms

Also, please see more on this subject at 9 weeks.

I think perhaps the biggest telltale sign mentioned in this article is the fact of vaginal dryness, which is mentioned as being specific to menopause and perimenopause, but is not common in pregnancy.

Another couple of weeks to go to the doctor, yet. I have tried to restrain any sort of real excitement until we hear the heartbeat.

We aren’t going to tell our families until the second trimester.


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