St. Patrick’s Day Fun with a Toddler

Growing up, we used to do special stuff for St. Patrick’s Day every year. We’d decorate with four leaf clovers. Mom would always make corned beef and cabbage. I was never a big fan of the cabbage, but loved the corned beef. We usually had some sort of Irish themed cupcake or dessert at the end.

Fast-forward to today. I think I’m the only one in the family other than my aunt and stepdad who likes corned beef. So, traditions change.

Everyone could agree on Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast (I mean it’d be difficult to turn down the Limited Edition Clover Castle box on a regular day). How cool is this box? I honestly forgot to look for the gold. I should probably check on that.

The first thing that I did for the day was make up a couple of tiny bowls of cereal (to be leprechaun sized.)


These actually are measuring cups that came with a set of pans I bought by Rachel Ray. They worked pretty well for the illusion.

They made a cute little snack with breakfast that morning.

Next came the hunt for Leprechaun Gold. Bug is still little, so I had to keep it simple with just a few pieces out in plain sight that would be easy to gather. When Bug gets older, the leprechaun is going to get a little craftier.

I had also bought this neat item, which I, unfortunately, did not get to assemble with all of the house chaos going on between moving and renovating.

But how adorably cute is this leprechaun trap kit?

It’s made mostly of foam and paper, so don’t expect a whole lot out of it for longevity once you get it together (the sticks holding the ladder are paper straws) but I think it’s the beginning of a great path to getting started on a tradition of leprechaun traps. As you can see, the pieces are cut and you receive both “fake” and “real” leprechaun gold.


I’m linking the kit for you, but I believe that it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer (Darice) because they had clearanced them out and I haven’t seen them come back in stock since. If you find one, don’t pay more than about $10 for it.

I did find one I want to try next year because I love, love, love how it looks! Check this out:

The pic will link you to Adrienne’s instructions and an adorable Leprechaun Hunting Kit as well that is utterly charming.

Lastly, our bedtime story was this one: How to Catch a Leprechaun

I’m picky about children’s books and tend to like the ones that aren’t overly wordy but have a nice rhythm to them like poetry. This one was clever and cute. Definitely a keeper.

That was our fun for this year! Not a ton of effort, but still something special.

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