Halloween Surprise Balls 2020

I try to document everything that I put in my surprise balls so that anyone needing inspiration can find some. Here are my latest creations.

On the back, we see a warning. I mean, it’s Halloween, but we don’t want to frighten anyone!

I was also super careful to avoid anything gory. No zombies, scary signs, etc. So, here’s what’s inside:

Pictured: Monster window cling, tops, spider rings, bouncing eyeball, paper pad, paddleball, bug bouncer, mini sticker box, felt pumpkin and ghost stickers, prism cylinder, rat and frog finger puppets, googly eye stickers, Halloween stencil

Pictured: Party horn, plastic gems, Go Fish mini cards, bouncing eyeball, notepad, jumping frog, weepul, toy snake, toy spider


Pictured: Bat felt sticker, frog finger puppet, toy bat, eye finger puppet, toy spooky finger

Pictured: Halloween bracelets and erasers (found at Target in their little $1 section at the front).


The balls themselves are the standard surprise ball with the gold seal, then I tucked them inside some round treat bags that I found at the Dollar Tree. The little scroll that you see attached is instructions that explain what surprise balls are. There are spider and pumpkin themed wrappings, but the inside is all a random selection from the stuff in the pictures, though the color varies and design may vary on a few of the items.


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