Return to Sleepy Hollow Dessert Party

Disney dessert parties are a fantastic way to add some “extra pampering” to your Walt Disney World vacation.  The Return to Sleepy Hollow Dessert Party follows the Return to Sleepy Hollow film presentation and is the top tier level for that package.

To learn more about the two base tiers, visit our Meeting the Headless Horseman page.



The Dessert Party occurs across the trail from the barn that hosts the film presentation. It’s in what appears to be a little blacksmith building, though I think that’s more theme than function. Either way, it creates a wonderful effect for the event.



There is not really “seating,” but you can gather at pub tables adorned with lanterns.



A chef stands ready making gourmet s’mores fresh for you at the “forge.”




While there isn’t a huge variety of treats, everything is themed, beautiful and tasty.  Keep in mind, as far as dessert parties go this is probably the most affordable dessert party available.







There is a selection of beverages as well, though none that are alcoholic.



It’s a wonderful end to an evening of spooky fun! Don’t forget to explore a bit around the grounds while you are there and visit the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery!


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