Make Art at Disney Festival of the Arts – Spin Art

Tucked behind a kiosk between Future World and the World Showcase, as you’re heading toward Mexico, is a little spot in the festival that will allow you to create your own art in a fun and unique way. It’s also at a pretty reasonable price (for Disney).

It takes about 10 minutes to create and makes a great keepsake.

The art starts here, at the paint table. Here, you’ll choose your colors. You can select up to four. The ones we picked are missing from the photo, but you can see them all in the background of the photo of the bike.

Here is the bike that helps fuel the creation of your project. The little tub on the front holds the canvas.

You can choose to pedal or have the assistant pedal. We had daddy pedal while Bug and I applied the paint.

Pedaling actually takes some precision – a little goes a long way! You want to pedal slowly and gently.

They have a stool so little ones can see inside the tub. The pedaling starts and the canvas starts to spin!


You can use the colors in whatever combo you like. Bug and I did it together because you have to not squeeze too much at once, just gentle application.

Spin, spin, spin!

When you’re done, the assistant carefully removes your painting.

You can then have “pixie dust” applied in either gold or silver rainbow. We chose the silver rainbow.

You then have to wait for the painting to dry for about 20 minutes. So, walk around a bit and then go pick up your painting.

We elected to have ours framed for the extra $6. The frame isn’t the best quality, but it keeps it safe and ready to hang.



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