What’s Inside the Free Ohio Baby Box?

The Baby Box has finally come to Ohio!

What is the Baby Box? The Baby Box is part of the safe sleep promotion. Ohio is the second state to follow the trend that was started in Finland more than 80 years ago and had spread across Europe and Canada.


By all accounts, the Baby Boxes in those countries are full to the top of things that a new mom will need for her baby (see pic below). While the boxes in the US aren’t quite so full, they have a lot of great things that are super helpful for a new mom.  It makes sense and is more practical for Westerners, because there are a lot of places in the US where you’d never use a snowsuit! You can learn more about the European boxes through the BBC.

The boxes fight infant mortality by providing a safe place for baby to sleep. If you want to know more about the beautiful history of the idea, please see the Baby Box website here.

So, what’s in the Ohio box? Here is what was in mine:

I picked mine up while staying at the NICU with my son. It really made my day. I’d been fascinated by the boxes ever since I read the viral Facebook post about them, but couldn’t afford to order one from the site itself. I proudly hauled that box right up to his room.

It contained:

  • Luvs diapers (a LOT of them)
  • Lansinoh breast feeding pads
  • A digital thermometer (which we have used many times already)
  • A wash mit
  • A burp cloth
  • A Cookie Monster Rattle
  • Disposable bibs
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Baby Box mattress and sheet

My baby actually was really entertained by the figures on the box and laid there cooing and staring at them as he dozed off when he was first placed in the box. I highly recommend getting HALO SleepSacks or SwaddleMe Sleepsack to make it more comfortable and natural for your little one to fall asleep in there for the first few times.

I love the fact there is a design inside too. Babies love to look at the colorful pattern as they go to sleep.

There is also a lid, but do not put the lid on with the baby inside. It’s just so you can use the box for storage later – or a toy box, which I love.

How do you get one? First, you have to visit Baby Box University. You have to take a course (yes there is a quiz). It’s basically videos that will help you to keep your baby safe and is region based. They are pretty short and painless. Once that’s done, you will earn a certificate. Print the certificate and take it to your local pick up spot. There are quite a few of them. The interactive map will show you where they are in stock. You can also have one delivered. The delivered ones can take 2 – 6 weeks to arrive. They have a little more standardized stuff inside and seem to be somewhat universal nationwide.




    1. That is a good one. They gave us a few things from Medela at the hospital while my preemie was in there for several months. Medela is a great company and super supportive.

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