Free Stuff for Brides 2016 with No Purchase Required (Successes)

There are some great things available for new brides and grooms, everything from apps to actual physical free stuff. If you are not a new bride or bride to be, please do not be dishonest with these companies and their generation gifts to people celebrating this special event.


In most cases, you have to register for certain items and then send a printout of your registry with the item to an address with your information. I signed up for quite a bit of it in November, and here are the results so far:


The first place to respond was Personal Creations. They offer a free personalized ornament for “The Future Mrs. _______” I received an email with a coupon to go pick it up in store. It’s awesome and definitely one of my favorite things. It’s beautiful and wonderful.




The second thing I recieved is a subscription to Bride Magazine via The Knot. That started coming shortly after I signed up for the knot. I started making my free webpage after that and it was super easy to make with their pretty templates. It also linked automatically to many of my registries and I could manually link to the oddball ones. My guests can RSVP right on the site (super convenient). They have great planning tools, a reminder program to make sure you are on track, recommendations, and a countdown that are also included.


Did you know you get Free Amazon Prime just for starting a wedding registry? Not only do you get Free Prime, you also get a 20% completion discount on anything on your registry and you get free shipping as well. You are literally crazy not to do it. I bought my husband a few gifts for Christmas with my discount. You can get started for free here:  Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Wedding Registry This is literally like FREE MONEY.


Weddingwire also offers the webpage and such if you can’t find something you like here, but you won’t get the free subscription to Brides. Weddingwire also has an interactive seating chart that’s pretty convenient.




The next thing I received was a coupon for a free Starbucks for registering at Target. The rumor was it would be a $20 gift certificate. It wasn’t. Sadly, the coupon expired before I got to use it. This was really disappointing, because I even have a Target card and pretty much by most of my household stuff exclusively there.


Shortly after that, I went to David’s Bridal. They give you a gift bag with a few samples and things when you try on dresses. This is what it looks like:



Inside was a pair of fake eyelashes, a Vera Wang perfume sample, loads of ad booklets, free travel size of toothpaste, a useful color guide, and a sample of Pantene. There was also a booklet of coupons for things like a discount on Mom’s dress and shoes.


They also have a David’s card that will finance your dress for free for 6 months and it’s pretty easy to get, even if you have mediocre credit.





After that I received a small gift certificate from Sur la Table for registering at Sur la Table. This made me pretty happy because I love Sur la Table. They have a lot of free things for registering or purchasing on their site too, though they don’t advertise it as much as some of the others. In fact, the next thing I received was something I registered for here.



The next thing I received in the mail was about 16 weeks after meeting the registry requirements, and that was a cookbook from Fagor Pressure Cookers because I registered for a pressure cooker with Sur la Table. You have to fill out their form and mail it in with a copy of the registry.  It’s a pretty nice book and a great idea, since i have no idea how to cook with a pressure cooker. It’s book bound and has 168 pages. It’s about 10″ tall.




I also registered for knives and a candy dish that haven’t arrived yet and I’m not overly hopeful since it’s been about 6 months. Cuisinart is also offering a free flash drive with recipes that I didn’t send away for, just because I don’t think I’d ever use it. However, I’m pretty confident they will send it because I’ve always had great experiences with them. This freebie is available at Sur la Table and Bed Bath and Beyond .


My latest fun freebie came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. To get the offer, you have to register at their site and just start your registry, don’t complete it. They will send you an email inviting you to come into the store to complete it to get this awesome free gift, which includes 2 mugs, 2 luggage tags, a registry guide, and more.




Last, but not least, vendors often give out free samples and goodie bags when you go to bridal shows, which is awesome for helping you make final decisions and discover new awesome things. Places like the Knot and Weddingwire list them, but do Google searches and Facebook searches for events as well, because not everyone lists on every site. I have one I’m going to next weekend that I found on Facebook where I’m supposed to get a free bride to be tank for registering and a “swag bag.”

If more stuff that I registered for arrives, I’ll update the post to let you know!



  1. I would love to get some free stuff to give me ideas about what i would like to include. My wedding date is May 4 2018

  2. I would love to have free wedding stuff this could help me with planning my wedding. I’m a bride to be in 2018.

  3. To register for the freebies, just go to the websites for each business and start a registry. Some have certain requirements (like you register for certain things).

    In the article, there are direct links to the registries. If any of them don’t work, just let me know!

    I did register for more freebies than what’s on here, but a few just didn’t come through. These are all things I actually did receive.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  4. i would love free stuff got engaged in october…after finally coming to reality im getting ready to start planning.

  5. I believe anything free would be nice. I got engaged Thursday January 26, 2017. To my high school sweet heart been together for 5 going on 6 years. We have just got our date which would be April 7, 2018. Anything that will help us prep or things for the wedding would be much appreciative. Please & thank you.

  6. im lokking for free samples to get my futre wife and I started on looking for free things to give us ideas for our wedding witch will be in may 5th 2018 im so excited I cant stand it its a lot of planning to do can you cend ou some free samples please yours truly james Patrick bousquet

  7. Would like some free wedding stuff. Please mail to:Deborah Lee 2912 St.Andrew Street New Orleans LA 70113

  8. Im a new bride to be here in Cali!! im new nursing school grad! and me and my fiane are sooooo excited to be planning our big today together and would love to receive some cool samples and freebies to check out for our big day!!! Thank you!!!

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