How to Be a Blessing: Crafting for Charity – Places to Make and Donate

It isn’t always easy to find a charity to donate a physical good to and yet there are people all over the world that need help. Couple that with the fact that you really want to make something from the heart. What can you do?

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you busy! I have links to nearly every type of craft.

These are real links. I researched every single one of these sites to ensure that they were genuine charity locations.




1. Local Churches and Groups: The first easy place to start is of course your local church (if you have one) or clubs (like VFW) to see if there is a local need or program. If a charity is not in place, then maybe you can  start a drive for one of these wonderful groups below! It’s a wonderful thing to sit around in the company of another group of people and work together to help others. However, if you aren’t able to do that, it’s still a lot of fun to make stuff and send it in.

2. Impoverished People in Other Countries: Make and donate to impoverished areas around the world with one of the following projects:

cc14– Afghans for Afghans has patterns for suggestions and accepts knitted or crocheted goods like blankets, hats, socks, etc, to distribute to women and children who are in need. LILY donates squares of crocheted or knitted afghan pieces that are assembled and given to refugees in war torn countries. Little Dresses for Africa sends garments to impoverished countries.


3. Ill Children: Send some love to a little one that needs comfort or a brighter day, by getting involved with one of the following projects:

cc15 Cards for Hospitalized Kids sends handmade cards to ill children. – Mother Bear makes soft toy bears and dolls for children who are suffering from HIV/Aids all over the world. These are mostly knitted or crocheted. – Making security blankets for ill and needy children, including preemies all the way up to older children. Blankets can be sewn, quilted, knitted, or crocheted. Sizes vary based on the child from the very tiny 2′ x 2′ up to the size of twin size bed. – Project Linus relies on local chapters to accept donations, but they are all over the country. These distribute handmade blankets to children in need. They also accept materials for making blankets, if you aren’t able to finish your project. – Newborns in Need makes baby items, including layettes, blankets, hats, etc. They make them for newborns, preemies, and also bereavement pieces. Some very touching stories on the site. – Little Red Hats Project hands out newborn and preemie hats during the month of February to raise awareness of heart health. Hats are knit or crochet.

4. Need for All Ages:

cc17 This is definitely one of my favorites. Colorful drawings of any type are donated to the elderly, nursing homes, military, hospitals – anyone who might need a smile! – The Shawl Ministry is a Christian organization that accepts handmade shawls that are distributed during various life events such as illness, bereavement, poverty, and so on. – Cancer’s Secret Angel accepts donations of handmade blankets for cancer patients of all ages. – Knots of Love is a sister of Locks of Love. This charity donates hats to cancer patients of all ages who are experiencing hair loss. Halos of Hope makes caps for chemo patients. Compassionate Creations donates handmade items to victims of sexual and/or domestic abuse as part of their program to give emotional support and let victims know they are not alone. Warm Up America donates handmade squares that are stitched together and sent to homeless shelters. They are now working in Canada also. The Sleeping Bag Project makes quilted sleeping bags for the homeless. Girls Love Mail accepts donations of handmade cards and letters for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

5. Giving to the Elderly Sunshine Blankets donates blankets to the elderly in nursing homes. You can donate a whole blanket or just a square!

6. Donations for Furry Babies

cc18 – The Snuggle Project offers comfort to confused and frightened animals in shelters with handmade items to snuggle.


Do you have a charity that accepts and distributes these types of donations? Let me know and I’ll gladly add them :).

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