Ten Little Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying a Word

As the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.’ These are designed specifically towards your significant other, but work well for anyone to make them smile and feel cared for.

1. Cover them up while they are asleep. Everyone loves this sweet gesture, yet so few do it. It makes your feel nurtured and safe when you are in a vulnerable position.


2. Leave a love note in an unexpected place that will not be found immediately. For example, inside the door of the medicine cabinet, inside a coat pocket, inside a book, or tucked inside a coffee mug, on a post it note on a window, but behind a curtain. The note should be special and unique to you.


3. Leave a small, inexpensive, sweet surprise on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror of your loved one’s car. It might be a rose, a small plushie, candy, a little holiday figurine, or something else that will make them smile. Little holiday ornaments work great for hanging from the rearview mirror.


4. When they are having a bad day – do one of your loved one’s unpleasant tasks for them. It might be doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, letting the dog out, folding the laundry, or any task that your loved one usually has on their list. It takes a weight off of their shoulders.


5. Little thoughtful things, like making up a cup of coffee for them in the middle of the day, bringing a small plate of cookies while they are doing paperwork, or taking out a cold drink while they are working in the yard.


6. Write a message of love on the bathroom mirror in eyeliner or lipstick. It washes easily away with window cleaner. Post it notes work too.



7. A handmade gift that they can use is a great way to say “I love you” every day. If you are feeling elaborate, you could make a quilt or collage.


However, if you are in a hurry, a mug is a fantastic gift that can be used every day. Ideally, you can paint a mug at a ceramics shop, which is painted and fired in a kiln. If you don’t have a place near you, you can easily make one at home with the instructions here

8. It might sound silly but – LISTEN. This seems like a no brainer in saying I love you, but it means the world to the other person and is something that is in short supply today. Oddly, this one is the hardest for most people to give in today’s busy world. Whether it is your lover, your child, your parent, or your friend, actually put down what you are doing and talk. If you are a snuggler, then turn off the tv and lean on each other and just talk. If you aren’t, then set out a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, turn off the phone and the tv, and share. It helps you connect and shows how important the other person is. Don’t just do it for a crisis, do it at least once a month. Share dreams, share problems, share memories.


9. Ok, so it sounds silly but – stickers. There are hundreds of thousands of stickers – you can even make your own. There is literally a sticker for any taste – whether they are into Star Wars, Mopars, Flowers, Coffee – if you have an interest, there is a sticker for it and holiday stickers are extra fun. There are funny stickers, and cute stickers, and sentimental stickers. A great place for unusual stickers is the scrapbooking section of craft stores. You can have personalized stickers made or find them at Etsy. So, stick them on your honey do lists, on lunch bags, or on the side of a can of soda – anywhere that will make them smile when they see it and know you thought of them enough to add a special touch. Pro tip: Share the love! If you have a little one this is a darling ritual to include them in. Let them choose a sticker to put on mommy or daddy’s lunch every day.


10. Plan something that will form a lasting memory. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate – it can be something as simple as a walk in the park. It’s best if it’s something that allows you to focus somewhat on each other.

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