Kwanzaa Statistics

kwanzaa chart1

  • It is estimated 20 million people celebrate Kwanzaa worldwide (18 million in the US alone).
  • Kwanzaa was originally limited to smaller merchants, however the holiday has now been recognized by larger retailers.
  • Kwanzaa gifts tend to move away from electronics and instead lean toward sentimental, thoughtful gifts.
  • About 15% of what is spent on Christmas is spent on Kwanzaa, which means about $77 per person who celebrates.
  • About $1.4 billion is spent on Kwanzaa each year.
  • As more and more people celebrate Kwanzaa each year, the holiday will consume a larger market share.kwanzaa chart2
  • Customers are usually of African American decent
  • Kwanzaa is most often celebrated by an older generation – those born prior to 1982.
  • Millennials (those born after 1982) show a marked decrease in celebrating the holiday
  • Gifts are often meaningful or artistic
  • Gifts are mostly given to children
  • Heritage symbols are an important part of the celebration
  • Gifts often relate directly to the 7 principals of Kwanzaa




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