Monster Spray Recipe

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Childhood Fears & Monsters Under the Bed

Some people recommend using colored water, but unfortunately dye can stain which isn’t ideal for fabrics.

When making the spray, it’s a good idea to make the spray look convincing, but also to incorporate elements that you think will draw your child into the experience, so elements like glitter may make it more special.

Also, be sure to personalize your spray. We have some templates for ghosts and monsters, but we also have some blanks that you can add your own letters to if your child has a different fear. Just open the templates in your Microsoft Paint program and add text as desired or write in by hand. The templates are designed to print on Avery labels size , but you can also just print on paper and use packaging tape to cover.

You can always start with a regular can of scented spray and just put a label on it, but If you have time, we recommend that you make your own from scratch. Scents are strong memory triggers, so a custom blend works best.

It’s also important to use “monster fighting” ingredients in making your spray. What better way to fight monsters than with soothing herbs that have been proven to reduce anxiety?

Monster Spray with Essential Oils

You will need:

Essential oils (listed below)
4 ounce spray bottle with a fine setting – glass is best.

Blended Base:

1.5 ounces distilled water + 1.5 high proof alcohol OR 3 ounces distilled water + 1 Tablespoon real vanilla extract.

Your choices of the following blends:

8 drops of orange

8 drops of chamomile

2 drops of peppermint

4 drops lavender

8 drops orange

4 drops ylang ylang

10 drops bergamont

2 drops lemon

10 drops bergamont

8 drops chamomile

4 drops spearmint

4 drops peppermint

4 drops rosemary

2 drops basil

2 drops clove

4 drops orange

4 drops lemon

4 drops lavender

Blend your choices and shake well before using. These are designed to use as spritzers so work well sprayed under the bed, in a closet, down a hallway or just generally in the air.


Monster Spray Templates

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