Surprise Balls – Ideas for Stuffing

I have a tutorial here if you need to know how to get started making your own surprise ball.

I decided to document what goes into my surprise balls for some inspiration, so this page will be a work in progress as I add new things. If it gets too long, we’ll add pages as needed. Also, the themed surprise balls will have their own pages.

Where possible, I’ll link the contents. There’s nothing quite like saying “that’s perfect” as you look at a picture and then not know where to find it (or even what it is).

Here are some of my most recent surprise balls:

These are wrapped in crepe paper, then decorated with a ribbon and a seal. I then attach a little scroll, explaining how to use these magical little orbs. Some have little gold seals and others have hearts.

Here are some of the treasures:

Pictured: Toy bat, mini treasure chest, jumping frog, google eye finger puppet, colored bead necklace, noisemaker, toy car, purple hair tie with crown ornaments, tiger finger puppet, Mickey stickers, large foam Mickey sticker, sheriff badge, toy maraca, toy mustache, toy ring kit (it has stickers to customize the rings), plastic traceable horse, toy winged horse.

Inside the mini treasure chests, I always put a little treasure to discover to make them extra fun.

Here are some example contents of single, specific balls:

In the center of this one is the bear pictured below. He’s from IKEA and they have carried him for over a year, so I think he’s one of their staples. I love the bear because he is such a great surprise for the center. He’s super soft and forms a nice squashy ball in the center if you roll him up.

Pictured: Bear from IKEA, jumping frog, mermaid bracelets, princess hair tie (Hobby Lobby), Elmo ring, Unicorn toy, cat tracer, Belle sponge sticker, Sesame Street confetti

Pictured: Mickey tsum tsum, whistle, Mickey sponge sticker, crab mini sand mold, toy mustache, jumping bug, google eye finger puppet, clown tracer, soft pirate patch, pirate gold.

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