The Holy Land Experience Dining Options (with Menus)

Having first experienced Disney and how difficult it can be to find dining when you need it, I was apprehensive about the fact that there was little information about the Holy Land Experience’s dining options. I also had read some reviews that it was crowded at times. While we found this to be somewhat true at Esther’s during peak dining times, it was certainly not unbearable and the seating is well appointed. It’s certainly no worse than a typical restaurant at lunch hour.

Esther’s Banquet Hall

Esther’s has a beautiful seating area outside under the shade that’s surrounded by beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. It overlooks a gorgeous pond. There is also indoor seating if the weather isn’t ideal. Ordering is done inside. There is a small cooler with additional snack selections, like fruits and vegetables in addition to their menu.

Food-wise, the menu does vary a little from time to time, but this will give you an idea of what to expect on the menu:

We ordered the chicken sandwich, the lamb shawarma, sticky toffee cake, and the kids mac and cheese. It was all quite yummy. I particularly enjoyed my shawarma.

Martha’s Kitchen

Martha’s is more of a kiosk type stand where they sell yummy options like full turkey legs. That’s what I ordered there and it was cooked to perfection! Be prepared for people to ask where you got this mouthwatering treat!

Here’s the menu:


Last Snack

Last Snack was actually closed when we were there so we couldn’t see the menu. It seems to be pretty true to its name though, based on the description at the Holy Land Experience website.


Church of All Nations Bistro

The Bistro is actually inside the COAN area. Like Esther’s, there are coolers with additional selections that aren’t listed on the menu. The Bistro has more coolers than Esther’s does, so it has a bit more variety in that department. In the coolers here you can also find sandwiches, hummus and chips, veggies sticks, fruit with dip, and stuff along that line. They also have a pretty good selection of pre-packaged bakery goods like cookies, donuts, and cakes. There are several tables inside.

In addition to food, the Church of All Nations Bistro has some antiquities on display inside of the restaurant and it’s worth stopping in just for those.

Coffee Shop

Last, but not least, there is also a coffee shop 🙂 It’s located right near the entrance to the park.

For more information about the Holy Land Experience, visit a recount of our day here.



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